21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University
Establishment of Individualized Cancer Therapy Based on Comprehensive
Development of Minimally Invasive and Innovative Therapeutic MethodsJapanese Site
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Yutaka Kawakami
Yutaka Kawakami
Affiliation Professor,
Institute for Advanced Medical Research, Graduate School of Medicine,
Keio University

Division of Cellular Signaling, Institute for Advanced Medical Research (Japanese Only)
  Research activities in the COE program
  Development of immunotherapy and gene therapy for cancer through basic research on cancer biology

We are developing immunotherapy and gene therapy for cancer based on basic studies on cancer biology and anti-tumor immunity. It is important to perform basic research along with clinical trials (Translational research). Based on our extensive study on the immunobiology of melanoma, we are now studying various cancers to develop immunotherapeutic strategies through the identification of tumor antigens. For these new therapies, individualized treatment will be ideal based on the characteristics of both patients and tumor cells.

Development of Immunotherapy
1. Confirmation of immune networks against tumors
2. Identification of human tumor antigens
3. Analysis of tumor escape mechanisms
4. Development of efficient immune intervention
5. Evaluation of anti-tumor effects through clinical trials
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