21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University
Establishment of Individualized Cancer Therapy Based on Comprehensive
Development of Minimally Invasive and Innovative Therapeutic MethodsJapanese Site
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Masaki Kitajima
Masaki Kitajima
Affiliation Professor,
Department of Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine,
Keio University
  Research activities in the COE program
  Individualized less invasive treatments for solid tumors using highly advanced technologies

In the field of surgical oncology, breakthroughs achieved in the 20th century contributed to the improvement of surgical morbidity and survival in terms of standardized management of patients with malignant diseases. In this 21st century, we have to pay attention not only to the benefits of survival alone, but also to the quality of life of patients after surgery for the management of solid tumors by taking advantage of the recent continuous technological advances. We have introduced and developed new technologies in endoscopic surgery, sentinel node navigation surgery, surgical robotics and novel local treatments such as cryoablation. In this COE program, individualized less invasive treatments for solid tumors will be investigated using comprehensive application of these advances in high-level technology.
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