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Koichi Kobayashi
Koichi Kobayashi
Affiliation Professor,
Department of Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine,
Keio University
  Research activities in the COE program
  Tumor oxygenation by artificial oxygen carriers facilitate the therapeutic efficacy of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

One of the main reasons malignant tumors are resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy is that they are in a hypoxic state. If it were possible, in any way, to increase oxygen tension in the tumor, the efficacy of chemo- and radiotherapy in treating cancer patients could be improved. With Professor E. Tsuchida's group at WASEDA University, we have been developing artificial oxygen carriers; one type consists of hemoglobin vesicles in which human hemoglobins are encapsulated in liposomes (250 nm) and another approach is albumin-heme in which heme compounds are incorporated in recombinant albumim (8 nm). Intravascular injection of these artificial oxygen carriers increased oxygen tension in experimentally implanted tumors in the rat model. Radiation therapy prolonged survival in the group in which artificial oxygen carrier was injected before radiation therapy compared with the control group in which only radiation therapy was performed.
We can select the appropriate anticancer agents by means of a collagen droplet drug sensitivity test which we have already established.
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