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Sachio Kuribayashi
Sachio Kuribayashi
Affiliation Professor,
Department of Radiology, Graduate School of Medicine,
Keio University
  Research activities in the COE program
  MRI diagnosis of lymph node metastasis with SPIO (superparamagnetic iron oxide)
Percutaneous cryoablation of lung tumors under CT fluoroscopy

1) SPIO (superparamagnetic iron oxide) consists of iron-containing colloid particles which causes T2 shortening on MRI. By injecting SPIO into the submucosal layer beside the cancer lesion, SPIO can be trapped in the regional lymph nodes. We investigate the possibility of detection of small lymph node metastases with SPIO.
2) Percutaneous needle puncture of lung tumors can be performed accurately under CT fluoroscopy with multi-slice CT. With this technique, we can apply cryosurgery to lung tumors percutaneously. We are performing basic investigations and examining the clinical efficacy of cryoablation of lung tumors as a minimally invasive treatment.
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