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Establishment of Individualized Cancer Therapy Based on Comprehensive
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Yusuke Tanigawara
Yusuke Tanigawara
Affiliation Professor,
Department of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Medicine,
Keio University
  Research activities in the COE program
  Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenomics for measuring and managing variability in drug response

The present project investigates the individual variability in the efficacy and safety responses to anticancer chemotherapy, and proposes a framework for individualization of dosage regimens. Since there are multiple factors that can cause variability in drug response, an especially useful approach is the population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in which nonlinear mixed-effect models are applied to clinical pharmacology. We also conduct pharmacogenomics and proteomics research that investigates the clinical impact of genetic polymorphisms and gene expression on the efficacy and safety of drugs.
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