21st Century Center of Excellence (COE) Program Graduate School of Medicine, Keio University
Establishment of Individualized Cancer Therapy Based on Comprehensive
Development of Minimally Invasive and Innovative Therapeutic MethodsJapanese Site
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Research program
Research program
To establish one of the world's leading state-of-the-art cancer therapy development centers capable of strategically developing translational research studies, basic and clinical research is performed in the following 3 areas. The research is performed at the Institute of Integrated Medical Research and at the University Hospital, equipped with a GMP grade cell / vector production room, endoscopic and robot-assisted surgery training room, clinical sample preservation room, medical engineering room, and up-to-date common research facilities, including a Central Research Laboratory, RI Center, Laboratory Animal Center, and Animal Operating Room. There are close collaborations with members of other university faculties, researchers in other academic institutions through graduate school liaison, and researchers in related industries through the Research Park system. The COE holds monthly research meetings to discuss progress for further promotion of translational research and collaboration.

Area 1.
Establishment of diagnostic methods that enable individualized therapy
(Leader: Michiie Sakamoto)
Novel tumor markers: histo-genomics / proteomics
Individualized medication: drug sensitivity tests, pharmacogenomics
Molecular staging: sentinel node mapping, new in vivo imaging methods
Area 2.
Development of minimally invasive therapy that integrates advanced technologies
(Leader: Masaki Kitajima)
Advanced endoscopic / robot-assisted surgery
Sentinel node navigation surgery
Computer-supported simulation surgery
New minimally invasive therapy: photodynamic therapy, cryoablation
Area 3.
Development of new treatment methods
(Leader: Yutaka Kawakami)
Immunotherapy: new tumor antigens, dendritic cell therapy
Gene therapy: modified herpes simplex virus
Molecular-targeting therapy: signal inhibitors and natural compounds
Cancer-targeting therapy: viral particles, human monoclonal antibody
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